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Revealing God's heart to the people in Haiti and around the world.

Heart of the Father Haiti - Jeff & Cindi in Haiti

Jeff & Cindi Farber

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A 501c3 non-profit Charitable Organization

All donations are Tax deductible

The Heart of the Father is Jesus

  What a blessing to be the vessel God uses to touch the lives of people in the southern parts of  Haiti, pouring into others what Jesus has filled us with, His love, Word,  grace....Himself! 

    The 2023 - 2024 school year began in October. 

    It's a wonderful blessing, our Father touching your hearts to be a part of this ministry which has opened doors to the poorest children in the Cayes and Torbeck areas, allowing them to enjoy the opportunity of obtaining their education. The children thank you and so do we! We are currently feeding over 200 children daily at both Christian schools.  What a beautiful gift to sow into the future and lives of so many children, God is amazing! 

   Heart of the Father Ministries continues to broadcast on two radio stations in the Southern parts of Haiti. The teachings, in Creole (Kreyòl), are available right here on the website so listeners can hear the Word over and over and over! "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word." - Romans 10:17  There are no words to express the joy and excitement we have in being able to bless this country with the abundant love of the Father's heart and the powerful truth of His Word through radio with teachings by Jeff & Cindi Farber and Andrew Wommack. With radio being the largest media available to this nation - we believe the Word is going forth accomplishing what God sent it to do - not returning void. If you would like to sponsor air time for these teachings you can do so on our Be a Blessing page.

  The Food Program / Gate Ministry continues to bless the hungry people in villages and churches in our area.  Heart of the Father Ministry is providing bags of rice, cornmeal, beans and oil to help feed families and widows. Because of your donations and willingness to be a blessing, we have been able to reach out and feed hundreds of families. We've found this to be an effective way of helping more people.

   We've been very excited to be part of a building project involving the construction of the orphanage  near the school house in Torbeck. Because of your donations we have been able to assist in providing a place for some children to call home.  Our hearts have been touched with joy in being the vessel our Father has used to be a blessing to these children. Thank you for building with us!


   God has placed within our hearts the desire to share His abundant love with others. In revealing this love and grace of Father God, people come to understand that His love can’t be earned or bought – but that it’s a free gift to all who will reach out and take it. There is nothing that makes God love us more or less. God is not concerned with where we’ve been. However, He is concerned with where we’re headed. Our passion is to continue to preach of Father God’s unconditional love and the truth of His word. We pray for others knowing that God hears our prayers and answers them according to our faith and the power that is at work in us.                      

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We are a 501c3 non-profit

Charitable Organization

All donations are Tax deductible. 


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